Sample Successes

Energy loss prevention

Using our technique Gary was able to identified 700+ cases of energy diversion or meter integrity problems between 2012 and 2017, recovering over $5,000,000 for the utility district.

Research, Planning and Analysis

  • Real estate supply-and-demand forecasting: developed modeling and scenario-planning tools that were used to project occupancy/lease rates, home demand and pricing, and market rebound predictors.  Managed ongoing re-calibration of 7-year statistical forecasting model that performed to within 2.5% of actual results.
  • Investment performance analysis: created system for measuring historical and pro forma returns on gross book investment (GBI), current value, and internal rates of return (IRR), with tools for reviewing performance across multiple criteria.
  • Utility connection-fee planning and
    created and managed models for projecting utility connection-fee costs, revenues, cash flows and capital needs for a 30-year capital budget plan used to negotiate fee options
    and adjustments.
  • Office development/leasing business planning: created a forecasting tool with menu-based report-generation and analysis tools that accelerated and improved the accuracy of current and historical reporting and forecasting.
  • Automated building energy auditing: created a data gathering and analysis system for performing comprehensive facility energy-usage audits.

Home Buyer Survey: Designed SQL database to enable reporting of a nation wide home buyer survey.  Survey consisted of over 90 questions (yes/no, multiple choice, multiple answers, ranking questions) with over 22,000 responses.  Reports were required to be delivered in Microsoft Excel® format with the

  • options to be able to query for any metro, zip code/multiple zip codes, builder and many other variables.

Enhanced Reporting for Sales, Marketing
and Operations

  • Utility energy monitoring/reporting: helped develop back-end, Excel-based reporting tools for monitoring and analyzing the success of a new two-way, IP-based networking communication infrastructure for Smart Grid deployment.
  • Land inventory reporting: created multi-database, geo-coded system with visual representations of land-use type, value, status and plans.
  • Retail center lease marketing tool: used a GIS reporting system that provided lease prospects with a detailed visual representation of key demographic information near selected retail centers.  The retail trade areas could be defined by an example drawn on a map, streets, radius in miles or minutes of estimated drive time.

Process Optimization

  • Residential new home sales/closings reporting: replaced manual reporting with fully automated, web-based database that cut 12 hours/week of data entry, improved report accuracy, and simplified access to detailed transaction history.
  • Employment tracking and reporting: simplified task of gathering, consolidating and reporting employment data in selected markets, replacing a week of manual entry with a 15-minute, fully automated push-button process.
  • Residential pricing: home re-sale tracking system replaced 6 hours of manual work with push-button process.  Automatically queried MLS database, created summary by product and pricing, and geo-coded information for easy visualization.

Contact/Property Database cleanup – implementation: a system implementation for consolidating dozens of databases spanning hundreds of thousands of contacts, making it easier for property management firm to identify lease candidates and available properties.