No one can see around corners.  But just like professional race car drivers who know how to hit the apex of each curve, businesses can get through each turn more quickly and accurately if they have the information they need to achieve the straightest line and maximum speed to their objectives.

Harvesting this information from business and financial data systems can be extremely challenging for organizations of all sizes. Too often, small business owners who can’t afford a large IT staff are stuck with solutions that solve only a portion of their unique challenges.  Larger companies face similar challenges, since IT teams often don’t know any more about complex business challenges than business teams know about sophisticated software capabilities.  The result is far too much manual entry, redundant and/or disconnected data sets, incomplete information, and missed opportunities to optimize data performance across the full range of forecasting, reporting, analysis and other critical business operations.

APEX Data Consulting fills this gap, giving company owners, department managers and finance teams a unique resource for significantly improving the quality, availability and usefulness of critical business and financial information.

APEX Principal Rick Fromm has more than 30  years of systems experience and a unique blend of background in business operations, IT management and system definition and deployment.  Rick has implemented a number of time- and money-saving initiatives for companies in a variety of industries including energy, construction, land development, and real estate sales, investment and management.